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Rhythm of Life: Studies

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While the Rhythm of Life is an innovative product, the use of metronomes to enhance CPR performance is not a new concept.  Metronomes have been used to control variables in a variety of medical studies involving CPR and have been used to improve the delivery of CPR in live resuscitations for several years.

Studies Show

  • − Prompts can significantly improve the adherence to current CPR Guidelines.  Resuscitation, 2005. 64(3)
  • − Correct compression and ventilatory rates are difficult to maintain even by trained professionals. Guidance from a CPR timer can help to correct this.  American Heart Association Circulation, 2000. 102:I-105
  • − A CPR timer helps avoid over-ventilation and improves compression rate.  American Heart Association Circulation. 2008;118:S_766
  • − Audio tone guidance ensures better chest compression rate and ventilation rate.  Resuscitation, Volume 79, Issue 2, Pages 273-277
  • − With appropriate real-time prompts delivered even in the absence of training or human coaching, laypersons can perform CPR that has a quality often similar to trained providers.  American Heart Association Circulation. 2007;116:II_437
  • − In this study of in-hospital cardiac arrest, the quality of multiple parameters of CPR was inconsistent and often did not meet published guideline recommendations, even when performed by well-trained hospital staff. The importance of high-quality CPR suggests the need for rescuer feedback and monitoring of CPR quality during resuscitation efforts.  JAMA. 2005;293:305-310.


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