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Who We Are

Rapid Response Solutions is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Northeast Wisconsin (USA).  Rapid Response Solutions and the Rhythm of Life were developed by an EMT-Paramedic in response to the demands of the healthcare industry and the stresses placed on healthcare providers and trained lay rescuers in emergency situations.

Our Mission

The mission of Rapid Response Solutions is to provide caregivers with the tools that will assist them in delivering quality care and the best chance for patient survival.

What We Offer

Whether you are a physician, nurse, EMT, firefighter or a bystander, coworker, or a family member everyone wants to do their best to help someone in a medical emergency. Rapid Response Solutions strives to create products such as the Rhythm of Life that will assist individuals in responding to these medical emergencies. These tools will assist caregivers in delivering quality care and the best chance for patient survival.

What We Deliver

Simple solutions to complex problems. Responding to a medical emergency is a stressful situation for both professional and lay people. We respond to these situations daily and thus are placed in a unique position that allows Rapid Response Solutions to understand the needs of caregivers, in addition to the standard of care. Our tools are designed to be easy to understand at first glance and simple to operate, yet offer the flexible features that more advanced users demand.
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Phone: (920) 268-0733
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