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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does the Rhythm of Life for clinical use differ from the non-clinical use version?
    The Rhythm of Life is a regulated medical device designed for healthcare professionals. The sole difference between the clinical vs. non-clinical use devices is their labeling and intended use. The non-clinical use version is restricted to educational and training use only.  Clinical use devices have no such restriction and are intended for use during an actual resuscitation. By selecting the clinical use version the you are certifying that you are authorized to purchase the device under applicable state and federal law.
  • How can the Rhythm of Life be compliant with BOTH the AHA 2005 & 2010 Guidelines for CPR?
    The most recent 2010 Guidelines make several significant changes to CPR; however the core rates and radios that were announced in the 2005 Guidelines remain unchanged and are simply reinforced in the 2010 Guidelines. The device does follow the latest C-A-B methodology.  The Rhythm of Life is designed to assist rescuers perform the core interventions and therefore remains compatible with both standards.  Please be assured that the CPR timers with model number R0901-05 are running the latest software compatible with the AHA 2005 and 2010 Guidelines.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card and personal information to make purchases on your web site?
    Yes, we use 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure during your purchase.  We are also a Authorize.Net and PayPal Verified Member.  Please do not include any sensitive information when using the Contact Us form or via email as these communications are not encrypted.
  • What type of batteries does the CPR timer use?
    The device is powered by four disposable AAA batteries.
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
    Due to the regulation of medical devices, we are currently approved to ship the Rhythm of Life only within the United States.  Please contact us for APO/FPO purchases.
  • If I join your newsletter can I unsubscribe later?
    We take your privacy seriously, if you join our newsletter you may unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of each newsletter distribution or by emailing privacy@CPRtimer.com
    Please be assured that your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.  
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